Where Have I Been?

13 08 2015

Where Have I Been?.

Marketing Update

7 03 2011

I met with  my mentor at SCORE this morning and am really jazzed about the future of my business. He gave me a lot to think about and a lot of work to do… but nothing good ever comes easy. I would like to form a partnership with a reliable techno-savvy web designer. I see many technically awesome web sites but they are often “design challenged.” I would do the design work and my techno partner would make it work. Any thoughts from the “audience” would be appreciated.

Some thoughts on Spring!

3 03 2011

Rumor has it Spring is just around the corner! Only17 days away actually, but it’s pretty hard to tell when you look out my windows and see mountains of snow everywhere! It has been a neverending winter and, even though I like winter, I’m ready for it to end. I’m seeing signs of winter loosening its grip: the days are longer and the sun — when we see it! — has a nice bit of warmth to it. Yesterday, a ‘possum spent several hours in my yard, poking around in the sunflower seeds the birds had tossed to the ground. A ‘possum is an odd looking little critter, isn’t it? It seemed fairly unconcerned with me, even though I was taking pictures of him (her?) from fairly close up.

The original purpose of my blog was to “moodle” on the rebuilding of my business: Debbie K Graphics. Yesterday’s post got sidetracked into town politics — something that will probably happen more often than not as I’m very passionate about injustice and what I perceive as people’s total lack of fact-finding before making decisions.

Ooops, I began to digress there! Business: my graphic design business has kept me “off the streets” for over 16 years! I love what I do; taking my clients’ “stuff” and creating a coherent look is such a fun thing to do! It’s like putting puzzles together when you don’t know what the final picture is supposed to be. Through the years, the economy and complacency on my part (I’m being totally honest here) have taken a toll and I am now in the very uncomfortable position of almost starting from scratch in a lousy economy. A friend suggested I contact SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) and my first conversation with them got me very excited about the possibilities that lay ahead. It was recommended that I read “The E Myth Revisited” and I highly recommend this to anyone who is contemplating starting a business or who is in business. It is awesome!

Monday morning is my first face-to-face meeting with my mentor — I’ll keep you all posted.

Small Town Politics

2 03 2011

Once again, it’s town meeting season in NH and, like all small towns, Loudon is subject to some nasty behind-the-scenes games. Unfortunately, our selectmen don’t do their own research — they pretty much rely on listening to whomever has an ax to grind. Hearsay and innuendo seem to rule the day. Rumors run rampant and half  truths are in abundance. What’s even more disconcerting is the number of people who believe some of the crap that’s passed around as fact.

Currently, we have a man who was passed over for the position of deputy fire chief. There were two candidates and, after interviews before a board of 3, obviously one candidate had to lose. The loser — and his wife — immediately resigned from the department with a bad case of sour grapes and have spent an inordinate amount of time spreading hate and discontent around town. The man had the audacity to turn up at the department holiday party with a lit sign saying “Merry Christmas, Judas,” a little jab at the fire chief who, in this man’s pea brain, should have backed him for the job. He’s proven over and over again, through similar actions, that he definitely is NOT leadership material. Yet he continues to press his cause on anyone who will listen. He plans on presenting a petition at town meeting that no doubt will ask that the fire chief be removed. Yup, this guy is just who I want leading a department with millions of dollars worth of apparatus coming to my rescue — NOT!

Hello world!

20 01 2011